Emotional intelligence is not something that everyone knows or is integrated into our culture, and is often even considered with instability.

Because of this, we created several talks aiming to create awareness, develop soft skills, as well as workshops to implement widely recognized technical knowledge but neglected. The topics are:

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The Organizational Pyramid and its Cracks

Charisma, innate or acquired quality?

Recognizing our Emotions

Managing our Emotions

Selfmotivation and setting our Goals

How to handle the main problems originated by a lack of organizational emotional culture in the company

The qualities of a charismatic person, how to develop them and their benefits

Characteristics and practical development of the first stage of Emotional Int.

Practical development of the second stage with a focus on different situations

Self-motivation, setting up goals and how this helps against the 3 main emotional problems at work (anxiety, stress and depression)

Mirror Neurons and Work Environment

Working from home  and the cyber emotional deconnection

Developing our Empathy

How to improve interpersonal relationships at work, how our interactions affect our team and dealing with one to one

How to work this way and take advantage of it,

Techniques to develop our empathy, its benefits and the improvement of our current relationships

The Core Neccesary Relationships

Three types of relationships that give long-term success and how to develop them

The Nonverbal Information

Leadership development and team management

Team building exercises and examples to improve our nonverbal communication in our teams

The different types of leadership, their qualities and how to develop teams

Our talks have a flexible structure depending on the needs of our customers and what they are looking for. Its varieties are:

  • Timeline between 40 to 120 minutes, depending on whether you are looking for a training or facilitation talk, exercise of interest, and number of people

  • Every talk consists of an introduction, deepening of the subject, practical exercises, reflection points and calls to action

  • The talks can be combined in seminars of a day or two, depending on whether you want to develop interpersonal, intrapersonal or communication / teamwork skills

  • There is the option of complementation with materials provided by Re-Creándote to give another level of immersion (ex .: art kits, Sukha)

With our experience giving coaching to small groups as well as facilitating conferences for more than 300 people in different countries and languages, we are able to adapt our capacitations to the expectations of our potential clients.

If you want an example of our seminars and the benefits they could bring, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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