The development of Emotional Intelligence in young people, especially before and during adolescence is of vital importance.

Following our REG methodology, we decided to create Sukha, our special diary-agenda, full of dynamic activities, involving all their senses so that they can Recognize, Understand and Manage everything that is happening to them in those complicated moments.

What can you find in our Sukha?

Being our approach a practical, portable, creative and fun, we have poured all our efforts so that Sukha contains everything from a fresh point of view. You can find:


  • A clear introduction about emotional intelligence and its benefits in its first pages

  • Dynamic activities focused on living the five stages, experiencing them with different sensations

  • A space to record how they felt day by day so they can notice how they have been feeling and how they have changed with their own lyrics.



Emotions template

In our Sukha you can record how you are feeling in ways you have never seen, but many times we fall short or want to experience the same activity after a while. So, if you want to try them again, we leave you some templates with which you can learn and grow.


Sukha butterfly

What people think of Sukha?

If you want to know more about Sukha, you want to buy it or see it used in your school or institute, contact us at:

+34 627 110 523


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