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Heidy Greising

Hi, I'm Heidy

PDD in Coaching, IE and NLP
Project Manager for Development Cooperation

The universe rewarded me with the sweetest gift of being the mother of three lovely children, Fede, María and Gonzalo. Fede's life has been special because of a neurological disease caused in childbirth. We were not sure what was happening to him or how to act with him, causing everything to be very difficult at first. Interested in being able to offer Fede the best of me, I visited specialists and institutes that provided me with scenarios and mechanisms to provide a better quality of my time for him.

All these years my children helped me to develop my Emotional Intelligence, something that I defined as an adult. I educated my rational brain consciously and the emotional unconsciously through creative techniques that I was passionate about as a child, things to give away, sell, teach and slowly grow up. I even encourage myself to go out every week on a television show teaching DIY. These techniques gave me everything emotionally, they kept me as some say "sane".

In this way, Re-Creándote is created from thinking about dedicating my time to doing something that I love, that I had the three things that make me happy: creative techniques, social enterprise and helping others. Then I said, I will share everything I learned thanks to Fede.

Adviser and Consultant at Casa Taller Foundation

Supporter of empowerment in artisan women

EI development manager for indigenous women in the Panamanian Comarcas

Protocol Officer for the Uruguayan Embassy in Panama 2012-2015

Writer of books related to EI activities and developer of innovative tools for their development


Project Manager for both private and gubernamental sectors

Life and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Having this idea in mind, my son Gonzalo after listening to me patiently one day told me: "haven't you thought to take these techniques for the development of Emotional Intelligence and share them with others?" and there the spark ignited; I entered the process of research, reading, etc., and it was at that moment that I discovered, from experts on the subject, the wonderful world of education for emotions in which I was immersed a long time ago, but I was not aware of it .

Since that day I have focused my efforts on Re-Creándote, designing tools for all who want to create and transform the best version of themselves. Those who want to see life in a full, present and positive way, to influence their environment and create a Change in the world we inhabit.

talleres en el Chagres Panamá
Gonzalo Calleriza Director en Re-Creándote

Hi, I´m Gonzalo

Being the youngest of the three you could say that I was the most hyperactive, seeking the attention of others, but that was not just what happened to me as I grew up. Having Fede as an older brother, one learns more things than the eye can see, one understands more about others, not only what is being said, but also how. Federico is not a person who can't express himself, but is one whose gestures say more than a thousand words, an expression is transmitted with more intensity and you can learn with certainty the meanings of certain attitudes.

Growing up there were many questions such as: why do certain things happen? Why do they happen? Why doesn't everyone have a life similar to mine? Going to school I began to notice these characteristics that made us particular. Frustration, anger, happiness and joy are emotions that one shares in different ways that one acquires but they are not exclusive, we all feel them. Some feel more, others less, the cards we play with are different, but as a kid I could tell.

At 9 years old we moved to Argentina where I could continue seeing this reality. The story wasn't very different when I traveled to the United States or when we moved to Panama. We live different realities with different resources, but human feelings and relationships remain the same.

Bachelor in International Business
Future MBA and Master in Coaching, EI and PNL

International Facilitator (Panama. Costa Rica, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Spain)

Small and medium team developer

Mediator of meetings between many countries

Emotion Facilitator

Emotion Facilitator

While living in Panama, I had the opportunity to belong to the organization called AIESEC, where I was able to help others reach their personal and professional potential, as well as develop mine, and with them I continued my adventures in Australia, giving international conferences in Taiwan, helping my colleagues in New Zealand, and I could even work on transformation projects with Mondelez in Switzerland. In all these experiences the reality remained the same, we expressed ourselves in different ways according to our cultures, but emotions remain.

The main difference was that I had become an agent of change, someone who seeks to bring out the best in others, help when someone is down and laugh in joyful moments.

Upon returning to Panama, my mother told me about her plans, as she wanted to convey her experiences through her creative techniques and I immediately associated this with Emotional Intelligence. It was amazing how she had managed to put into practice, without anyone teaching her, transmitting the important theory of the concept, and thanks to her ability, to do it in such a practical way. That's why I decided to participate in this new adventure, and from there arises Re-Creándote.

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