1. Why only women? Because we understand each other, we synergize, because we are living the same and we understand each other. Maybe on another occasion we think of a mixed trip, but now you need that personal, feminine space, with your peers

  2. How does Escapes arise? It arises because we understand you, we were in it and we thought: “why not get together to talk, tell our stories, reflect, learn more, pamper ourselves, do entertaining activities? And do it as only we know: all in one weekend, hahaha, that's why we are unique ”

  3. What are the characteristics of the women in each group? They are two groups, for now, well defined. Great-Goddess women are those who have: a disabled child, a special brother, their elderly parents, a close person with an addiction problem, women with a heavy load on their backpacks and who many times they are alone. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown are those who believe they will explode at any time, they are stressed, tense, very angry, they feel they are not heard ... Haven't you ever felt like that Have you not wished, even once, to have a weekend to escape alone?

  4. Are there single rooms? The single rooms are a bit more expensive and yes there are, you must reserve them in time as they depend on availability. But sharing is good, like pajamas.

  5. Why groups of 10-16? In small groups we can make the workshops better, the attention is more personalized, we can all know each other better.

  6. Why in houses? Because we need our privacy. It gives us freedom to be more us, more free.  

  7. Is there an exit point? No, each one goes by their own means. We can do two things, as the one that is interested can integrate the whatsapp group of the trip, they can coordinate to come together. The other option is, according to where the getaway is made, arrive by train and we will go to look for them at the station

  8. Do we need some type of insurance? If you live in Spain you will not need it, if you live outside Spain we can help you with very complete insurance, contact us for the subject.







  1. If I have any special need for food or treatment, is it considered? Of course, as soon as you make your reservation we will be sending you a questionnaire by mail that includes questions related to the subject and others. We want to meet you before you make the escapadita so we can make it so incredible that you want to escape frequently

  2. How do I make the reservation? Very fast explanation: Pre-booking online: € 100.- Three weeks before the escape: complete 50% of the total amount of the getaway, € 107.- One week before the departure of the getaway: Amount remaining. € 207.- For more information about the reservation you can check in How do I book? in our page Escapaditas.

  3. Is there a cancellation policy? It will depend on the advance with which you cancel the getaway, if we have time to occupy your space and if the establishment where we stay accepts the cancellation. The closer the getaway date is, the more complicated it is to return the money you have delivered.

  4. Payment methods



     When paying by card, our website will redirect you to the secure gateway of the Caixa Bank that will request the necessary data to make the payment and where does not intervene, nor can you access your bank details. In case of attempted fraud, will collaborate, with the legal means at its disposal, to avoid and prosecute them.



     If you have a Paypal account, you can use this payment method to buy your escapadita. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can also pay with your bank card through Paypal without having an account there. You will be automatically redirected to your secure payment gateway.



    After payment of the reservation an email will be sent with our account number where you can pay the remaining money.


   Our Rights and Obligations are:


  • We have the right to modify the accommodation and the program (which we have provided by mail and that is for guidance purposes) for climatic reasons, for determining the providers of the activities and for problems of accommodation availability. We try to do everything as far in advance and as possible as possible, but not everything is in our hands. We will always comply with the conditions offered and follow the base program of our proposal,


  • Cancel the escapadita if we do not complete the necessary group number to be able to do it.

  • Admission and cancellation of any escapedita if it does not fulfill characteristics according to our philosophy of the group.




       We force ourselves to:


  • Inform by means of a detailed program of how your escapadita will be.

  • Comply with the program as long as the causes outside the company, third parties, weather or geographical changes, problems with intermediaries, political or military circumstances, unforeseen events or other reasons outside the organization, as well as cases of force majeure allow. In these cases the company is not responsible, although it facilitates the management of any matter derived from these events.


  • Report changes or cancellations. When we are forced to significantly modify the escapadita, we will immediately tell you in writing so that you can choose to terminate your reservation without penalty, or accept the consequences of the modification and the possibility of having an impact on the price. In case we do not know anything about you in the three business days following having informed you, we will consider that you want to cancel the reservation.



Data Protection. Everything related to data protection can be found in our Privacy Policies on the website As always in front of doubts you call us.