Women Goddessess Escapaditas

10-16 people
Almost every weekend. Check in store reservations

This little escape is for you, that you are the mother of someone special, or you live with your elderly parents, or many other examples.


You are that woman who needs to go for a few days to join forces, to share with other women like you. To be able to tell your story without feeling judged, but rather, understood. A little escape to pamper yourself, reflect and return home with all the energy.


Our Escapaditas are on weekends, from Friday to Sunday afternoon.


The price is per person in a double room with full board.


If the group is not completed, a supplement may be paid to form a group of six people.


We have four types of getaways for different women: economical, cautious, luxurious and exquisite. You can see their prices at each break.

The programs seem the same but the difference is in the type of activities that will be carried out according to the group in which you are. If you want more information about the program you chose, do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information we call you or communicate by whatsapp.


Friday: 18 hs: arrival

          21 hs: dinner

         22 hs: activity to link us

Saturday: 8 hs: Mindfulness

         8:30 hs: breakfast

         10-12 hs: group activity

         13-14 hs: food

         14-15 hs: rest

         15-18 hs: recreational activity

         18:30 hs: creative workshop

         20-21 hs: dinner

         21-22 hs: reflection activity Sunday: 8 hs: Minfulness

         8:30 hs: breakfast

         9:30 hs: ride sharing

        12-16 hs: cooking and food           workshop

        17 hs: we are leaving


and start your Escapadita