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Hi!!! Welcome to our page. Before reading further, I ingite yo to take a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself, how am I feeling? How are the poeple around me feeling? Is there something you would change?


Stress, anxiety, depression and absenteeism are so common that we don't notice them until they become a big problem.


Now a days there are many offers to help us develop our Emotional Intelligence but many from theory but it is necessary to take it into practice for that work to be effective.

That is why Re-Creándote was created, to provide the best tools to develop Emotional Intelligence in a practical and fun way, making it accesible to everyone and improving our relationships.

coloreo mis emociones
Wobi 2017 México
tiempo de emociones
la empatía coloreada

What we do

Our REG methodology is based on the Recognition, Comprehension and Management of the emotional information. Our main tools are:


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